Thursday, November 8, 2012

What I think about the 2012 Election

I think the 2012 Election has told the world a lot about America and American politics at this existing time. In particular, there has been a conflict with those wanting a surge into equality and moving forward, whilst the rest of America wanting to hold on to the traditional American values such as religious and constitutional values. Most specifically, its Mitt Romney who wants to keep these traditional values, whilst Obama believes in the notion of moving forward in America.

As the map depicts, Romney had more of a popular vote and, interestingly, won more states. However, Obama won through the electoral college making it, on the whole, a close contest. Its also worth noting that, similarly, the campaign was a close contest between both Romney and Obama.

I have posted this video of Obama's victory speech to illustrate what he wants for America over the next four years. The video describes how Obama plans to meet with Mitt Romney to discuss how they can work together to bring the country forward. Notably, when Obama says "the best is yet to come", that is highly significant as it emphasises the 'newness' notion that Obama overtly believes in and one can argue with this notion in mind, Obama will work rigorously to make sure this becomes a reality.

Moreover, it goes without saying that, despite most of the nation shifting towards the right of the political spectrum, one must identify how it did not gain a win for Romney overall.

The website I have included demonstrates how Obama did win the election. Importantly, its vital to add that Obama maintained his women votes almost the same as how he did in 2008. In addition, the influence Obama has over ethnic minorities proved proficient in the election as there was an increase in support from Hispanic voters, particularly, in the swing state of Colorado for example. Lastly, Obama also maintained his young voters from 2008, however, the swing states gained him some more voters this time round.

Above all, the election of 2012 was significant for America. History is still being made by the second term of America's first black president, nevertheless, the overwhelming cheering from Obama's victory speech tells the world that they believe strongly in Obama's motivation for working hard and achieving the "best is yet to come" notion. Its also important to note that Obama working along side Romney for a greater America will be intriguing to witness over the next four years and America could be in a far more substantial position then they are in now.

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