Sunday, November 18, 2012

Comparison of Anti- gun and Pro- gun Control Websites

Gun control has been under debate for many of years, whether legislations should be bought in to control the problems it has with gun violence in the country and control the amount of fire arms one owns. Here is two comparative websites which show for and against the use of guns and which seems more convincing to me. 

Pro- gun control

The website is a site that supports in favour of owning a gun in America. What I first found on this website, which I found interesting to see was the photograph, which is pictured here, it supports the fact that owning a gun is a good idea, the fact that it shows a family owning a gun and other types of individuals handling guns, smiling and looking proud because of it. The website then explains gun rights in each state to make sure that people know  their rights with guns and they also explain loopholes for people to show them how to get or own guns without breaking the law.  The site is also used for blog/ forum purposes where people discuss their experiences with guns and discuss what guns they may have.  Even creating friendship circles and even events because of the fact that they own guns. So this site is not promoting the fact that guns are good to protect yourself but because of the fact guns can become a sociable thing amongst people.

Anti- gun control

The Brady campaign website was set up after attempted assassination on Jim Brady, here after, this campaign started to fight for legislation to handle gun control. The website here uses mainly statistics and  emotive language to warn the audience about the use of guns in America - ' 87% of Americans want solutions to gun violence- we will keep fighting until those solutions come.' so here it uses statistics to show the problems with guns and why they should be protected by laws. Another way they try to promote anti- gun control is to show the amount of people who has been shot from a gun, for example people shot in America this year, 87, 109 people etc...' this promotes the problems with having guns and how using them can devastating effects, which here is completely opposite of what the pro gun represent where they say use a gun when in need. The site constantly throws facts about the problems in guns to help get the message through to the audience to make sure that their view is getting heard. In all the website brings to attention the problems involving guns using various of ways, which they then use the evidence to back up to help them fight for rights in order to protect the American civilisation against guns. 

After looking at both sites, I believe that the Brady campaign site had more of impact on my views about carrying firearms and that something should be done to prevent any furthur trouble that has already happened in America.

Even when America suffers from devastating events like the cinema shooting in America, Colorado, where 12 people died, no legislation has put in place since as it is hard put an order the right to bare arms without a backlash from people especially the NRA.

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