Friday, November 16, 2012

Comparison for Pro gun and Anti gun control websites

Pro gun control

The website GOA- Gun Owners of America is a website supporting the use of guns in America. The website reveals statistics and data which support and promote the use and ownership of guns. The information provided on the website is very in depth and clearly states a lot of research has been done, in order to promote citizens of America to carry armed forces for their own safety and safety of others. The websites states the as a gun owner you are eighty times more likely to protect lives of honest citizens than to take lives. With statements like this it, is easy to see why gun ownership in America is increasing dramatically.  Statics which are provided include; That murder and crime rates have been reduced when guns are carried, the murder rate has reduced by 8.5%, rape reduced by 5%, aggravated assault reduced by 7% and robbery reduced by 3%. Twice as many children are murdered playing football in schools than they are murdered by guns, this statistic is shocking as you preserve football as being a relatively tame sport, and something with hundreds of children take part in, whereas a gun is a powerful piece of machinery which can kill someone instantly with a click of a finger. The website really emphasises that guns are used for self defence purposes and provides research that a gun is used 1.5 million times annually for self defence purposes.  In 1990 accidental gun deaths in homes decreased by 40% with the increase in gun ownership, another way the website is reassuring readers that gun ownership is nothing to worry about. The website also has a particular focus on women and women’s use of guns, statics show that women use guns 561 times a day across America as a self defence against sexual assault.  In 2002 ABC News reported that 3/4ths of the American public believe that the second amendment protects the rights of ‘individuals’ ownerships of guns. Also in 2002, 85% of Americans would find it appropriate for principals or teachers of schools, to use a fun I school to defend the lives of students. The website also explains that criminals avoid those with guns and accidental gun deaths in children declined by 50% in 25 years. Finally the website quotes that ‘Guns save more lives than they take: Prevent more injuries than they inflict’- another reassurance for gun owners in America.

Anti gun control
The anti gun website also contains statics and research but not as much as the pro gun website. The website provided a list of statigies in which the publishers of the website believe will cut down the use of guns and the increase in gun ownership. The website uses short, powerful and effective phrases in order to capture the reader’s attention “Life is short, precious and limited” by doing this, it allows the reader to consider the use of guns and having a gun as a possession, as they can question what is  more important a gun or life? The website continues to state that the idea that guns keep you safe is a myth and the exposure of guns in the media, through television, newspaper, articles, magazines and books, promotes an unhealthy approach to the idea of gun usage for all ages. The information provided on the website is designed to raise awareness about gun ownership. It also supports Obama’s idea to tax fire arms and promotes the Brandy campaign to prevent gun violence. The website also provides the reader with the statement “People of all races, classes, ages, sexual orientation and in all communities have the right to be free from gun violence in their homes, schools, workplaces and on the streets”.

Although I am against the ownership of guns and the use of guns as a weapon of self defence or to be used to cause pain or harm to someone. I feel that the Pro gun website, is more convincing as it somewhat reassures the reader through the use of data, research and statistics that owing a gun can be safe. The focus of the female audience and their role in gun ownership is also particularly effective as it makes the reader feel, that by owning a gun, women are much more protected from sexual assault and other forms of attack and assault. The website uses encouraging and convincing words which also help the reader to feel at ease with the idea of ownership of a gun. Despite this, I still feel that the idea of having a gun for self defence in America says a lot about America and its beliefs. I believe it would be worrying as a citizen of America you only feel safe if you are to carry an armed weapon! 

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