Sunday, November 11, 2012

2012 Presidential Election, what I think.

Obama Vs Romney 
The 2012 Presidential Election, saw America's first black president re elected for a second term; and the question must be asked, is it Obama's policies that won him the election, his charisma and ability to connect with the electorate? Or was it the Republicans poor choice of presidential candidate, and focus on a demographic that is quickly decreasing? 
A prime example of this, would be New Mexico. The state which used to be a solid Republican seat, was won by the Democratic party 52.9% to 43%. This being due to the fact that New Mexico has seen its Hispanic population grow significantly in recent years and therefore the Republican focus and policies did not appeal to this particular demographic, hence why the state was lost to the Democrats. This reasoning can potentially be applied to future elections, with the Hispanic and Black demographics increasing in states such as Arizona it could easily be predicted that this could be a state lost by the Republicans in the next election. Furthermore, the white older generation, a demographic that the Republicans focus towards are slowly disappearing. 
Therefore, perhaps this election more than any other has shown the Republican party that a complete re design of the party is needed, new policies thought out, new candidates bought to the forefront and a mandate that incorporates a wider demographic. Obama's re election was also significantly helped by the winning of swing states, such as Virginia and securing the vital state of Florida, with its 29 electoral college votes, which was so important in the 2000 election between Bush and Gore. Furthermore, the Democrats winning of the highly populated states, those on the west and east coasts compared to that of the Republicans who dominate the central states, but which aren't populated to the same degree.

By re-electing Obama, America demonstrated it still had faith with its President; despite many political commentators and critics focusing on Obama's lack of progress with many of his policies Romney's obvious flip-flopping reputation over rode any negative focus that was put onto Obama. Furthermore comments within certain states damaged his campaign, such as comments about 'rape' within America, and 'A child conceived by rape is still a gift from god.' 
It therefore be said, that perhaps rather than America choosing Obama for Presidency, they were forced to choose him; a lesser of two evils it could be said. The electorate were pushed away from Romney throughout his Presidential campaign and this was evident when it came to the vote. Obama in his acceptance speech said "The best is yet to come," many Americans will be hoping to see changes that perhaps did not occur in Obama's first term, or we could quickly see Americas and the worlds love for Obama quickly disappear.  

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