Monday, November 12, 2012

Prior to the 2012 US elections, I was really unsure as to who would win the vote, although many felt Obama had it in the bag, statistics closer to the election date questioned this view. It is interesting when looking at researching, showing which states won Obama’s vote, and which states won Romney’s. It makes us questions the correlation between the states and the choice of vote. There could be a number of possibilities as to why some states favoured each nominee for example, states in the south have a large black community therefore could have been more inclined to voting for Obama although the only southerner state which received Obama’s vote was Florida interestingly, there could also be connections between, the age variations in each state- states with a considerable amount of young people could be more likely to choose Obama again, for a number of different reasons, such as he is positive and sincere attitude he also reaches out to a broader community of people through his morals and beliefs.  The map shows how Romney received more of the states votes compared to Obama again illustrating how close of an election it was.  I noticed prior to the election the increase of young people, sharing their thoughts on the election, through social networking sites such as, Twitter, Face book and Instergram, people were posting images and support messages letting the world know their vote was for Obama. Images like this were a common occurrence. I also believe the younger generations were very artistic through their ways of showing their support for Obama.  There is a definite difference between the enthusiasm and participation for the US elections as opposed to the British elections and I feel this enthusiasm was defiantly shown through the younger generations a lot more. I feel that Obama demonstrates a classic image of American Dream, he was born in Honolulu Hawaii, he graduated from Columbia University, then graduated from Harvard Law School, he was a community organizer in Chicago, a civil rights attorney in Chicago, he taught in constitutional law at the United States House Of Republicans, he was elected the first black president of the United States and finally he was then re-elected for a second term. I feel that Obama really illustrates how hard work and determination can result in outstanding consequences.  Statistics show that 49% of young Americans aged 18-29 voted in the election, this really says something about the young people’s participation in the election, and shows how politics has a big impact on young people’s lives too, therefore being able to vote is very important. Quotes from celebrities also help illustrate the support for Obama, Jay Z quoted that;

“Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther King could walk. Martin Luther King walked so Obama could run. Obama's running so we all can fly.” – I believe this quote is an excellent example of how the black community in America has developed over the years dramatically.

Obama, has a lot to be proud of not only is he the first black president of the United States, but he has managed to be re-elected for this role for another four years! Could this say something about the change in America, how the American citizens are becoming less racist? The thought of America having a black president 40 years ago would have been unimaginable. The fact that a black man is now running the United States, when previously the black community could not even use the same water fountains as white people, I believe really shows how America is becoming a nation of acceptance and racial awareness.  Although there is a conspiracy theory as to whether Obama is actually classified as an American since he was not born in the US, there is also the question of Obama’s religion and the belief that he is in fact Muslim. These theories have a big impact on the vote for Obama; however he has managed to overcome these beliefs. Despite all these theories, I believe Obama is a brilliant example of the new American image, although this ideal American image has somewhat altered from previous years, where traditionally the president of America would have been white, I feel that through this change and alteration it really says a lot about how America is changing its idea of the typical American. 


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