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Gun Control In America

Gun Control In America

The picture above shows people protesting at the Supreme Court in Washington to increase the amount of guns in the US.  They are awaiting the Courts decision on the DC handgun after a ban on June 6th, 2008. The Court had a 5-4 ruling in favour of the guns, affirming an individual right to their own firearms. Other pro-firearms have also bills have been subjected in many states in the last four years, including; Virginia, whose General Assembly approved a bill to allow people to carry firearms into a restaurant or bar that serves alcohol and Arizona and Wyoming are considering the right to let people carry handguns without a permit.  Furthermore, states Tennessee and Montana passed legislation in 2009 to exempt their states from the federal regulation of guns and ammuntion made, when sold and used in the state, according to the Times. ( )

 On the NRA's website (The National Rifle Association), their trailer for the year is composed of two men that have served in the U.S. Army, who have now found freedom in truly becoming an American.  Although the video shows clips of the men using gun's and at the end of the video there is advertisement on the freedom of guns, the video doesn't actually mention firearms.  It consists of the men talking about the freedom of being an American, which can be correlated to their petition for less regulations on guns.  It is meant to persuade people that the point of having freedom as an American is to also have the right to bear arms.

The video on YouTube above is Pro-Gun advert from the Patriot Resistance, which is transcripted from the perspective of a criminal, which adresses the viewer of being in danger without a gun to defend themselves. This is the official website for the Patriot Resistance/ Action which claims to be 'one of the nation’s largest conservative social action networks, serving hundreds of thousands of citizens every month. We are united by our passion for re-establishing Constitution-based liberty'.  The network and the group intend to persuade people on different issues, for example; gun ownership.  They believe that every American should have the freedom to be who they like and own what they like, in assistance with their views.
This picture is from a pro-gun blog, and suggests that without the protection of guns, you are unable to defend yourself from armed criminals.  This however, disincludes the fact that most murders happen in the home, which includes relatives murdering someone in their family.  Nonetheless, the image shows they feel in a sense that they believe the right to bear arms is the only way to protect innocent civilians from being injured or killed due to another gunman.  This link shows how Obama is attempting to ratify an anti-gun treaty, which means that all firearms should be regulated.  The video shows discussion between senators, clips of Obama's speech and people's views.  This shows how divided America is on this issue, seperated by states, delagates, Senators and citizens.  For example, the Senator of Wyoming is very pro-gun and has said he will do anything to 'stop Obama' having this Bill ratified.
However, other campaigns against gun-control, like the Brady Campaign, who proposes that 'we should make it harder for convicted felons, the dangerously mentally ill, and others like them to get guns in the first place'.  They want to do this by 'We can do this by passing laws such as requiring Brady criminal background checks on all gun sales; banning military-style assault weapons; and strengthening law enforcement’s efforts to stop the illegal gun market, like limiting the number of guns that can be bought at one time'.  The campaign attempts to persuade people using the crimes that have been committed, for example, they use tragic events like the 'Wisconsin Spa Tragedy', where 3 women were murdered at the Azanza Spa and Salon in Brookfield.  The campaign compare the fact that a background check on guns takes precisely 40 seconds to do, in which those 40 seconds could have saved the victims.
This picture was used for the charity 'Trident' which opposes gun ownership in the USA.  The image was meant to shock due to the information given on the label, and to express to people in the US that this is who the guns affect, because it's the innocent people that get hurt. Their opinion is to show that although some citizens have used their gun in self defence or in defence of their home or family, innocent people like children have been murdered due to gun regulations allowing certain people to own firearms.
This picture is from an anti-gun website, which also provides statistics on the facts if you own a gun, etc.
The stats show how owning a gun can even exmplify your chances of being murdered by a gun or your children getting killed because the fact is that most murders occur at home, and if you own a gun, it could more than likely be a source for that.

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