Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Comparison of an Anti-Gun Website and a Pro Gun Control Website

When looking at different websites for gun control in America, I came across a variety of intriguing websites to ponder over.

Pro-Gun Control

This website was remarkably pretentious at dealing with pro-gun control. For instance, this can be exemplified with statements such as "Americans have lost some of our precious gun rights and WE WANT THEM BACK! This is why GOA is considered the 'no compromise' gun lobby." This is significant, yet, arguably controversial to gun ownership in America. There seems to be sustained optimism present throughout the website, which thus, makes this come from a patriotic view. Ideologically, Gun Owners of America adhere to America's traditional values "GOA has never wavered from its mission to defend the Second Amendment -- liberty's freedom teeth, as George Washington called it." Moreover, one can make the assertion,overall, that this website is controversial in what is being ideologically said, however, to Americans this site would be predominantly convincing and would be hard to fight against.

Anti-Gun Control

This website took a different view from the pro-gun control website. The purpose of this text plays more as a warning about guns and the claim that its too late to do anything about it. For example, the text draws comparisons to other countries, "Perhaps American supporters of gun rights would say that in fact people in every country do have a natural right to bear arms, but their enjoyment of that natural right is denied them by oppressive governments in countries like Britain, France, Canada, Israel, the Netherlands and Japan." From this statement it can be gathered that gun supporters seem self-righteous in the way they look at gun control. The article goes on to discuss how some Americans find the subject of gun control offensive after an atrocity has occurred, "A large segment of the American public these days apparently finds it offensive, not just misguided but actually offensive, to talk about gun control after these sorts of atrocities occur." This implies that Americans don't seem bothered about banning gun control and this is overtly shocking. Lastly, the article finishes by summing up that these kind of gun atrocities will continue, however, there's nothing no one can do about it. "We will continue to see more and more of this sort of thing, and there's nothing we can realistically do about it."
To this end, this website, from an anti-gun control point of view, can be significantly convincing to that certain amount of people, however, to the major population of people who do believe in gun control, this article wouldn't achieve much at convincing Americans to put down there guns. In contrast, to the first website (gun owners of america) the 'too late' article is fundamentally more pivotal, nevertheless, its the pro-gun control websites that will be surfed on the internet more. Most specifically, this asks an overall question of will gun control ever be prohibited? One could argue the 2nd amendment would have to change completely in order for this to ever happen in America.


I posted this video as a good insight into the stats of gun control in America. For instance, the two participants in the video dont stand for pro-gun control or anti-gun control, however, they do describe the dangers of guns which is pivotal. Importantly, being American, they recognise the 2nd amendment and understand having a handgun, but are against the use of semi-automatic guns in America. Overall, this video provides a substantial insight into gun control in America.

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