Sunday, November 11, 2012

My View of The 2012 Presidential Elections

The 2012 election, Obama VS Romney. 

Obama has once again has been re- elected for another four years for America. It has been under debate that Obama only won because Republicans did not put forward a 'electable' candidate for president otherwise Obama would of lost. 
The fact that Obama won Swing states like Ohio and Florida shows that the republican side needs a reshuffle possibly picking a better Candidate to represent them. The states that Romney did win were the states that usually vote Republican  for example Texas has voted Republican for the past nine elections. Showing that they rather stay the same, keep the same values which Obama does not want as he would rather 'look in to the future' and 'move to the future' possibly meaning changing values etc. 

This above website explains why they think Obama won. One of these points includes religion  as Romney is deeply religious, who practises under the religion of Mormon. Many say that because of his religion, it had made it hard for him to pick up many other ethnic groups like Latinos etc. 

I believe that many American's chose Obama as he appealed to many young voters and he promoted himself through many shows and through the first lady, for example going on children's channels. The storm Sandy, I believe also gave Obama a few more votes as he went out and met the families of the disaster  giving out aid, showing his dedication to America.

 Another reason I believe that Obama won the election is because he gained majority votes from the black race, 72% of the population of black, African- Americans last year voted for Obama, this could relate to this years election as many wanted there own race as president instead of a stereotypical 'rich white man'

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 One could say that the election is possibly a popularity contest, meaning many Americans vote for there favourite rather than the best candidate for the future of America.

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