Sunday, November 18, 2012

Gun control within America.

The Second Amendment is one of the fiercest defended Constitutional rights within America, and therefore gun control is an issue that brings about numerous debates and can impact heavily on a presidential election depending on where the candidate stands on the particular issue.

Pro-Gun Control Attitude:

The Brady Campaign is one of the main active pressure groups for Pro-Gun control; set up after the assassination of Jim Brady in 1981 the Brady Campaign focuses on bringing in gun legislation, gun trafficking and more issues evolving around gun control.              

The Brady Campaign claims that over 100,000 Americans are killed or shot every year by a firearm and with over 1,000,000 people being killed by guns since 1968 the Brady campaign clearly highlights an obvious problem within the United States, however America obsession with firearms means these staggering figures seem to be ignored, where in other countries legislation would be quickly bought into to stop drop this particular statistic. Obama has taken a stance on gun control where he has claimed he does not want  to limit Americans rights to bare arms and has not seemed to concentrate on this issue which has angered some activist groups. Where as Romney has taken a much more active approach to gun control seeing most of his policies turning into legislation when he was Governor of Massachusettes.

Anti Gun Control:  

The NRA is the biggest Anti Gun control pressure group within the United States currently, and are one of the main groups that go to the defense of the Second Amendment taken certain cases to the Supreme Court; such as after Hurricane Katrina, the NRA took the police force to court after they began to take firearms off residents after the natural disaster.  The NRA claim to have huge influence during a presidential election and arguably this is true; for every 100 Americans there are 90 guns which demonstrates how seriously Americans take the Second Amendment and therefore if a presidential candidate demonstrates a stance for Gun control it is more than likely they will lose that particular demographic; many of the Presidents of recent years have been part of the NRA and have been members.

The American people fiercely defend the Second Amendment and with many of the American electorate exercising their right to bare arms it is extremely difficult to bring in any legislation that limits this right. This is demonstrated clearly, when numerous mass murders most recently being James Holmes occur and yet no legislation is bought into action. America has an obsession with guns more than any other country in the world, the very fact the right is sewed into their history makes it very difficult to change. I fail to see that anywhere in the near future that any legislation would ever be bought in to limit Gun control.

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  1. Well i would like to say, United Nation should give strict instruction about Guns control to all the county.