Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Contemporary Consumer Item

Whilst looking through commercials for American consumer items, one that particularly stood out for me was a Ford commercial. As Ford is one of America's largest based automaker, I thought it would be intriguing to analyse the "F-150 Way Of Life" commercial.

First and foremost, the commercial is narrated Denis Leary, who speaks confidently and uses slang words such as “ain't”. He sounds aggressive, almost like he is ranting. As he speaks, the words crash into each other, moving quickly in and out of the scene.
The most pivotal statement starts at the beginning when he says:
 OK. Odds are if you’re one of the people in America with a pickup truck, it ain’t a luxury, it’s a way of life. And chances are you’re not making money pushing a pencil, or hand modeling. You’re actually working for every dollar and need your truck.”
This is implying emasculation for workers in America and to become masculine they need this truck.

This article provided me with a proficient insight into what the advert stands for in relation to the values of America. Most specifically, the article identifies the notion of "American Superiority" holding a fundamental impact among American values that is underpinned with strength, power, and adventurousness.
Moreover, the article indeed states these characteristics are historically American values and synthesise with masculinity. Thus, this commercial excels at expressing American values through a consumer item that is significant in America.

Lastly, when the commercial says "well, the eagle has landed." Its worth noting that the article reveals the commercial is utilising a homage to Neil Armstrong’s famous quote upon landing Apollo 11 on the moon, a very formidable and patriotic moment in American history.
To this end, the Ford F-150 commercial is an important consumer item to ponder when considering the values it claims to hold as American.

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