Monday, November 19, 2012

Gun Control

I have found two separate websites that promote both for and against arguments for gun control in America. This particular policy is something that is heavily debated throughout the country because of the strong beliefs in being able to have a firearm and those who are against firearms and want to reduce gun violence and create different ways to reduce Americans from using guns.

The first website I found is pro gun control and that is the CSGV (Coalition to Stop Gun Violence). Their website is clearly laid out with a lot of social networking keyed into its front page. Their aim is to basically stop gun violence all together through 'research, strategic engagement and effective policy advocacy'. As the site is a campaigning site it gives you a lot of emotive description and statistics to help you buy into to believing that guns are a bad idea in the wrong hands. I personally believe that guns should be illegal everywhere, however making things illegal then increases the 'want' for them, which results in an increase in crime. Again, the site is very up to date with advertising it's policies and what they do. They have all of the big social networking feeds on their site to give instant sharing access to people around the world, as well as signing up for emailing lists etc. The CSGV gives great detail into their policies and how they believe they could help to get around gun crime and reduce it overally. One of the policies that I liked the look of was to have all bullets stamped with a micro-stamp to help identify the perpetrators of using guns in a harmful and unjust way. When you look at it, it basically looks like a modern day campaigning website but with a different focus, in which this time is guns.

The second website is an anti gun control website which is highly in favour of gun ownership and the belief that Americans should be able to bear arms due to the second amendment. This website similarly to the first one gives a really high level of information to help back up their thoughts and beliefs as to why they are against gun control and how they justify how having a gun helps them in their day to day lives. Their aim is to defend the second amendment and to persist in keeping guns as a part of daily life in America. They have fought to put extra guns on planes and to help lift bans on firearms in a huge variety of different contexts. The website itself is pretty boring and I couldn't find any solid history about the organisation, which then didn't help me in actually wanting to read into the website. Their statement is pretty clear from what you read in what they do in that they appear old fashioned and by the book. They believe that as Gun Owners they deserve the right to be able to bear arms and to have a gun for their own personal use to protect themselves if needed.

To me the debate is pretty ridiculous. I believe that if guns are legal that yes, people should be allowed to have guns to protect themselves and their families if needed. But then the issue of people that use their firearms on others in inhumane ways, which is probably the biggest problem to have to deal with. Many gun owners don't believe that the idea of a firearm is the problem for such crimes but the individual themselves. I think that is a fair statement, but I would say that if a firearm is so easily obtained, would that person have used their firearm against the law or not?

This a video of Rapper Ice T explaining on BBC News that he believes that people being allowed to own guns isn't directly consequential for mass killings such as the recent shooting in Denver. Ice T is obviously a person who supports the idea of firearms and being able to carry one, however I think his argument is invalid in that yes, people do use explosives to kill others; but having a gun legally in your possession is a ridiculously easy way to kill people if you needed to. If someone was to buy all of the ingredients in a store to make homemade explosives they would get a look of suspicion, however if you went to a gun store, bought a gun and some ammunition this would be as common as buying a loaf of bread or some milk.

Here is a really interesting debate from Piers Morgans show with Ted Nugent who is a famous musician. He is an extreme Republican and is heavily supportive of guns and is known as a redneck and a keen hunter. He is very patriotic hence his very well researched argument into gun law and the second amendment. The video shows an interest perspective coming from someone who is very supportive of having guns and someone who is rather in the middle and sees guns ultimately as a bad thing.

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