Friday, October 12, 2012

Views on America

As a preliminary, I looked at what different forums said about America and one link took me to Yahoo answers, where someone asked:  What countries hate America?

The best answer that came up was a substantial list of different countries. These countries consisted of Palestine, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria hold a strong dislike for America, mainly due to their foreign policy. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are among these middle eastern countries who share the strong dislike also. Interestingly, this answer stated that, indeed, this countries hate America as they often shout "death to America" and people from these countries have tried to kill Americans more than most. One could argue the most pivotal catalyst behind the reasoning for these countries hate is the Afgan and Iraq war, as Americas impact in their societies is negative.

Moreover, European countries such as  France and Britain dislike aspects of America too. According to this forum "They feel that the US is throwing its weight around and that America's war on terror is making them less safe by making moderate Muslims angry enough to become extremists." Significantly, Americas allies, remarkably, share a negative view on America and this can be exemplified by the disagreements that were occurring over the Iraq War.

I have also uploaded a YouTube clip as I found a fundamentally significant video called 'Why Europe Hates America.' It demonstrates why America has caused such a strong dislike globally and expresses views, especially over George Bush's influence. I have taken a controversial quote that can be seen in the video:

"My Anti-Americanism has become almost uncontrollable. It rises in my throat like acid reflux" - Margaret Drabble

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I have embedded a highly significant image that reveals just how the world thought of America between George Bush leaving office and the inevitable appointment of Barrack Obama as president.
Interestingly, its shocking just how much some of the worlds leading countries appeared to loathe America when George Bush was in power, however, since Barrack Obama started running for president, views have changed on America drastically. This can be exemplified by Switzerland who felt 86% much worse with George Bush in power, whereas, on the other table, they are 83% for Obama which is a shocking jump in how the USA have been perceived through two different presidents. Other countries that reveal these kind of results are Canada, Japan and France. Notably, its these countries that have stated before they don't agree with Americas foreign policy, thus, the significant distinction can be seen. During Barack Obama's campaign, he was very popular and renowned in Europe and this can be seen through the change of results by France and Switzerland.

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