Friday, October 12, 2012

Views on America

France's View on America


This link takes you to a blog site that shows people from around France who can use the site to express there views on America or other countries, this particular post was on the main reasons why the individual disliked America. Before translating the page straight away there was a photo of a cartoon burger and French fries under the heading of 'I hate America!', which straight away showed stereotypical reasons why France hates America, there food. Reading through the post though, I saw that they start to talk about 9/11 and how angry they were after most people were referred to 'We are all Americans' which angered this individual, I see here how they may be referring to how America can be arrogant believing that everyone is an American even though America if full off people from different countries and backgrounds.
They go on to write about how inconsiderate America is by having polling stations in churches, 'it made me freak out in disgust' was what they said. This is showing how French people think that America have no respect over 'holy grounds' by using it for communal use.  I find this interesting as I perceive America as a religious country and not at all think they are not respecting the churches.

They also comment on the Racism in America and how its been around for years, surprisingly they praise America on having a black president although then go on to say how they thought this would change things, like the Iraq war 'but that's all. In fact, there is no change in depth, we will move the Iraq war in Afghanistan, and Iran too we break his legs with atomic weapons, well, Obama, that black is, will do battle with those who do not want olibrius bend to the dictates of U.S. hegemony. Nothing has changed' 

This shows the French view on how they think America is handling the war in which they completely disagree with as they believe that America makes battle with any country who does not oblige with there rules.  They also bring up the fact that parts of America still has the death penalty, 'And do not forget that the death penalty is still dragging his cart of corpses' they presume that all Americans have the death penalty and agree with it which is not actually true.

Even though this is just one French person view on America I still believe this is what majority of French may think of America too. I also saw that much of what this individual said also coincides with the chart, showing What the French like and dislike about America.

The blog talks about the main reasons why French may 'hate' the Americans, the fact here is that they see Americans as fast food eating arrogant people, although McDonalds in France is the second biggest profit for them just behind America!

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  1. Good, but who is the blogger? Journalist? Loony? When was his post written? Yesterday? Five years ago?