Thursday, October 4, 2012

A map that shows American Climates

This is an intriguing map of America for several different reasons. First and foremost, this map emphasizes America's climate, which is not usually known to people who live outside of the USA. Stereotypically, non Americans normally associate America as being, holistically, a hot country all year round, when really, this map depicts that the many regions in the country appear to have different types of weather. This map shows that states such as Arizona, Nevada and Texas are part of the Hot and Dry region. Interestingly, Las Vegas has had a lack of water recently and thus it can be said the hot and dry states suffer as a result of this. Moreover, the states at the top half of America such as North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin reveal the coldness that can hit those states in the winter. Fundamentallythere's a constant misconception that these northern states are cold all year round, when in fact that isn't true. Whilst the winters in places such as Wisconsin are extremely cold in the winter, the summers can be scorching hot. The same applies for North Dakota as temperatures in the summer have reached 49 degrees, in comparison to a winter of -51 degrees, which is an interesting distinction. Overall, this map excels at revealing the realization of the weather in America and personally this aided my learning of understanding climate in America.

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