Friday, October 5, 2012

A map of America showing poverty

Map of Wealth/ Poverty

Here is a Map of the USA showing the average amount of income each state has. Not surprisingly states like New Mexico are under the national income, Also many parts of Southern America like Mississippi and Louisiana are also under the national income.
There can be many reasons for this, one being the National inflation so many people are experiencing higher costs of living, leaving many families in poverty.
Another possible reason for Poverty in the Southern states could be the lack of jobs, many states, including Louisiana and Mississippi do not supply enough jobs therefore many people without money. Recently Southern States saw Hurricane Katrina go through and create damages costing millions of dollars, some of which most states did not have, worst state that suffered was Mississippi, still to date many people are still living in temporary homes as they cannot afford to rebuild there homes they had. The median income for Southern states is $36, 850, states like New Hampshire, median income is double this. Education is also a big factor in poverty many people in the southern parts do not attain qualifications or a good education which  could mean that they do not get a very good paid job which again relates to why many are not achieving high paid jobs there. Poverty can also be put down to 'the way of life' meaning many southerners still live a simple life style, farming there own food, selling there own crops which means the only income they have. It has been said that 1 in 5 people are in poverty and many are still just above poverty line, which shows that America needs to help the poorest to achieve a better life.

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