Sunday, October 28, 2012

Contemporary example that shows a vision of America

In relation to Crévecoeur idea of the new and the exceptional as typically American, I choose the image of New York.
'Here he beholds fair cities, substantial villages  extensive fields, an immense country filled with decent houses, good rods, orchards, meadows, and bridges  where a hundred years ago, all was wild, woody and uncultivated!' 
This quote is from the book 'Letters from American Farmer' and I believe this shows an idea of what De Crevecoeur saw as new and exceptional to be typically American, I think he saw America to be the leaders of development and believed Europeans would see the land and be amazed of how well they are developed it.
So I choose the picture of the Landscape of New York as they are seen as having the best architecture, like the Empire State Building and seen constantly moving forward in developing the land of New York. New York has been seen to become more and more modernised in how people and see and live there. The landscape has also been iconic to many of Europeans as they see America as 'big and different' expecting better and great things from there, the land of America still amazes Europeans today. 

“Instead of starving he will be fed, instead of being idle he will have employment; and these are riches enough for such men as come over here.”     Letter 3 

I believe Crevecoeur's idea here can be seen in such programmes like America's Next top model, British invasion as here the British constantly refer to America as 'making it big', 'being someone' interestingly in episode one one British Lady refers to America 'it is the land of opportunities,  Britain is Small but America is where you make it big!' Because of this I still think this idea of Crevecoeur still lives on as America still has the reputation of everyone will have the job they want, well paid and people believing you  actually become some one bigger and better there than for example Britain. 
To see this, I believe that America still holds up many of Crevecoeur's ideologies of new and exceptional typical American, this could be through the constant reinventing the land or showing America to be renewed. which attracts many to start a new life there.  

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