Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Contemporary Vision Of America, according to Crevecoeur.

'Every industrious European, who transports himself here, may be compared to a sprout growing at the foot of a great tree; it enjoys and draws but a little portion of sap; wrench it from the parent roots, transplant it, and it will become a tree bearing fruit also’.

Franchising: In  the previous quote, I believe that Crevecoeur is establishing the leadership role of America already, by using the metaphor 'great tree' to compare the authors country to the rest of Europe.  He also states that 'Europeans... will become a tree bearing fruit' if they follow America's footsteps. This is a bold statement, considering the last letter was written 7 years after the Declaration of Independence was signed. I believe Crevecoeur already assumed the importance of America due to the extensive landscape ('fair cities, substantial villages, extensive fields'), the equality of all the people at that point residing in this new country ('We are the most perfect society existing in this world') and the independence of the country.  I chose to represent this quote as a child eating McDonalds food due to the global spread of the fast food restaurant and whose current headquarters reside in America.  The McDonalds company was started in the USA in the 1940's, and 70 years later the buisness is known worldwide.  McDonalds relates to the previous quote as Crevecoeur talks about Europe following America's footsteps, which I feel this is a direct example of because the franchise was made huge by the role that America plays in the world and the huge importance it has on every other society around the globe.
'Here are no aristocratical families, no courts, no kings, no bishops, no ecclesiastical dominion, no invisible power giving to a few a very visible one’.

America's Independence: I chose this quote because I believe that Crevecoeur isn't actually focusing on the lack of Royalty in America, but the independence it witholds; due to the Declaration of Independence, its short history of early settlers and the freedom that people saw it for.  Settlers moved to America to enjoy a better life, with a richer environment and more opportunities to go from being poor to rich.  Furthermore, America felt a more democratic approach to beginning a Government that everyone had the opportunity to decide on was by electing a 'President', unlike the hereditary approach to a Royal family.  This is perhaps also typically American due to the extensive money and advertisement that is involved in Presidential Elections, which suggest the importance of these occasions to all Americans.  Crevecoeur states 'no invisible power giving to a few a very visible one' meaning that he believes his country will always be democratic when choosing a leader; someone who counts as a leader but who doesn't necessarily have full control, which is what being a President entails.

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