Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Contemporary Example That Shows A Vision Of America.

 The United States Government.
  This particular quote from the third letter of De Crevecoeur's "Letters From An American Farmer" highlights the beginning of the laws and the establishment of laws within America and by the new American people.

"The laws, the indulgent laws, protect them as they arrive, stamping on them the symbol of adoption...This is the great operation daily performed by our laws. From whence proceed these laws? From our government. Whence the government? It is derived from the original genius and strong desire of the people ratified and confirmed by the crown. This is the great chain which links us all."

 I believe the contemporary example and vision of this within America today is the United States Government. Congress, the Senate and the Supreme Court protect the American citizens that live within the borders of the United States. The United States government along with the courts uphold the rights of the American people and continue to protect the constitution ensuring that nothing damages or changes what they consider to be the "correct" way America should be. 

Furthermore within the third letter, De Crevecoeur's also quotes "Here they rank as citizens." This highlights the fact that any citizen of America is protected by the Government, and when these letters were written those coming across from Europe would be classed as "citizens" and therefore automatically protected by the laws already and first governments established by the already settled Americans. 


 The second contemporary example of America that De Crevecoeur refers to and that I believe is relevant today is the establishment of the roads and transport systems, "Good roads, orchards, meadows, and bridges, where an hundred years ago all was wild, woody, and uncultivated!" Being the size America is and with a population of approx 311 million, an effective and efficient transport system is vital, not only in order of travel but for communication, for one side of the country to be able to get to the other in quick time. The speed in which the transport systems have been established is also remarkable; with a country that only has a history of about 500 years, the way in which Americans and early settlers have connected the country and connected to each other is exceptional. In that time, America has built some very iconic features within the States, for example The Golden Gate Bridge, and the famous route 66.


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