Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Great Gatsby- Own Comparison

The Great Gatsby shows a clear divide in social class, it shows the lives of the wealthy and the big extravagant parties that are held by them. It is very rare that people are considered by what political view they may have or what religion they follow, many nowadays are more aware and concerned about how they are perceived socially. As we can see that Jay Gatsby is very wealthy and living a life that many would envy him for having.

In the book there are two distinguished locations that we hear about, East Egg and West Egg. These Two areas are consistently compared to each other, East Egg is associated with 'old money', highest in class whilst  West Egg is known for being self- made rich. This lead to East Egg people constantly looking down on West  Egg people because of this. Money can not separate people within this book however if the person is not educated to the highest standard then we start to see the division in class.

The two locations can be seen within reality T.V programmes today, Made in Chelsea ( Old Money, East Egg) and Jersey Shore (New money, West Egg).
Made in Chelsea
Made in Chelsea is about cast of people, who are considered rich, glamorous and privileged. Many are from privileged backgrounds, coming from private schools and having they're parents successful businesses to help them achieve the social class as they use 'parents' help to buy into this lifestyle. Parties are considered to be extravagant and stylish with a touch of class to them.

Jersey Shore
Jersey shore is a programme about a group of unknown people who where placed together simply for a T.V show. Since the show has started many of the cast has now made millions from one the show and two by going off making their own businesses creating them even more fortune.
Parties here are not the same as 'East Egg' there more outgoing and less class.

I think that these two examples are good way to view the difference in the book between old money and new money. You can have so much money but then to have a high social class, added features like education  is also needed to be considered when viewing class.

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