Sunday, December 2, 2012

Consumerism in America

Coca Cola Christmas Advert.

Coca Cola with out question are one of the worlds biggest companies and therefore they are a huge consumer product within the United States; futhermore, Coca Cola is a product that appears in nearly every other major consumer chain for example McDonalds, KFC and more. This particular advert is one that is know world wide however I still believe it demonstrates some American values. 

The Coca Cola Christmas advert appears on television screens every year without fail and for many this denotes the beginning of Christmas, when the red trucks appear, the guy in red won't be far behind. The advert demonstrates clearly numerous happy families throughout the advert, celebrating the holidays together. This is one American value that is evidently still around; the idea of during the holidays families are together and celebrating them as one, the idea of a family bond is hugely symbolic within America and is very important to them. 

Futhermore, the main slogan of Coca Cola is 'Open Happiness' and it is clear that the Christmas advert tries to demonstrate that these particular trucks represent happiness; that when the trucks arrives that happiness arrives with them. Happiness while not a clear American value is still one that is hugely important, and not just to the American public, but viewers throughout the world.  Perhaps also, the Coca Cola trucks arrive is seen as somewhat of an event, an event that many families queue the streets to see, an idea that Americans do continuously, 4th July and Carnivals being one. Therefore the advert appeals to Americans this way, demonstrating their arrival as something to be celebrated, a moment when numerous families queue the streets just to get a glimpse of the red trucks as they drive through. Also within the advert, it is not just a younger generation that is shown, a wide range of demographics is focused on, showing that Coca Cola, is focusing on everyone and for everyone; this goes back to the idea of family and bonding throughout the holidays, all of the family being together.

Coca Cola is such a big consumer within America and throughout the world that it is impossible to get away from them, from making adverts for the London 2012 Olympics, to sending advertising to them moon. However, I believe it can be safely said that when Christmas time comes, for me most certainly, I keep an eye out for the red trucks of Coca Cola, so that I know Christmas is finally here.

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