Sunday, December 2, 2012

Consumerism in America

Pepsi Advert 2004

When looking through a variety of Commercials for American items, I finally decided to choose an advert from Pepsi where they have set out the advert of three gladiators to fight it out to get the can of Pepsi. What I found particular interesting in this advert, was that this was played in America in 2004 and celebrities that was used, are three world known American Female singers, Pink, Beyonce and Britney Spears.

I believe the idea behind the Commercial was to create three powerful women in which they brought down the Emperor and then finished the advert on drinking the cans of Pepsi. So here there are a variety of ways that Pepsi tries to draw in the audience, this is seen with the three American singers showing power and integrity to bring down the Emperor. Possibly this is also appealing for Women to drink the drink to discover the feeling themselves.
Analysing it further, I see that the Emperor is played by a Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias, possibly showing power over other nations. As Americans are patriotic this could appeal to those who want to show there 'dedication' to America, showing the ever growing support for there country again showing another example of consumerism in America.

The Singers all sing bits of the Song which is a cover of Queens 'we will rock you' this song well known within the world, but the fact that the three singers with powerful voices, sing this throughout the advert gives the commercial more emphasis on power and strength that Pepsi is suppose to give you as an American. 

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