Sunday, December 2, 2012

A contemporary consumer item

The American, commercial for the iPhone 4S is an example of an American contemporary consumer item which illustrates aspects of typical American values. The iPhone is presented as an invention which has many useful, unique and effective technical features which can help the individual in everyday life events and obstacles. The iPhone is presented as helpful, quick, up to date and modern, organised, efficient and time saving, with the new features developed for the phone. These are all aspects which I believe many Americans feel are important in life, the idea that a gadget or device can help you become more organised, save time and is overall a useful and helpful form of technology is important. Many Americans like the latest technology and something which is new and unique, the iPhone sells its self as being all of that in this short commercial. There is a contrast of different people in the commercial, which is also another American value I believe, as it shows how diverse America is as a nation and is showing and understanding and recognition to this. The commercial effectively demonstrates the understanding by having a range of different people, in the commercial, Young to old, the difference in races and gender but also accents, showing how the iPhone is used by a range of different people, from all across America. The people in the commercial ask what might seem relevant and non relevant questions, to Suri the software provided on the iPhone 4S which the commercial is advertising. The questions are everyday random questions which imply, the iPhone can help you in all everyday scenarios. One of the women shown in the commercial asks the question “Will I need an umbrella for New York” this implies the phone is ideal for people on the go and possibly people who may be travelling. A man from the commercial instructs Suri, to tell his wife he is going to make it, giving the impression he is a busy family man possibly, and with the use of the iPhone he is able to stay in contact with his family and his wife and continue to live a busy lifestyle. I believe that in todays modern society with the demand of new and updated technology, people are becoming more lazy, and the idea that the new iPhone has effective software which can help you to become a more time managed, organised, knowledgeable and efficient person. Finally the commercial ends with the statement that it’s “The most amazing iPhone yet”, the use of the word ‘The’ being singular makes the consumer feel that the statement must be true. The word ‘yet’ in the statement implies that there is more amazing technology to come, in the upcoming iPhones. It also gives the viewer the feeling that they must buy this item as it is ‘amazing’.

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