Saturday, September 29, 2012

Images that mean America

Gangs- (image from 

 As a negative image of America, I chose the topic Gangs, When I think of gangs I think of guns, violence, drugs and America. Gangs officially started in America, in prisons but soon did spread to the streets and then globally.This is still a current problem in America. Rival gangs fight for 'turf' and for 'respect' though it seems that many people die to get this, many in there own gang but also a few innocent people have died because the gang has targeted the wrong person or the 'war' had spread. Many gangs are growing, many are forming, it seems that still America still cannot stop the violence that does and could happen.

Technology- Apple etc

I chose Technology as a positive image of America, When I see, for example, the Apple image which is an American company, I think of America and the technology they have, and how they have developed this. Notably the 'apple' symbol is now one of the most recognisable symbol through out the world and there products like the 'iphone' are most wanted pieces of technology to date.  
Apple is just one of many company's that are from America so I believe that the technology that has been developed by the country has had a positive impact on many people for example having devices to aid learning. which is why I believe this is a positive image representing the technology in America.

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